Secretary Wobensmith Signs MOU While on Trade and Diplomatic Mission

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Maryland Secretary of State John Wobensmith, participating on behalf of Governor Larry Hogan, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a sister-state relationship between the State of Maryland and the South Korean province of Jeollanam-do. The agreement – which aims to promote trade, business and entrepreneurship; expand educational opportunities; and foster cultural and artistic exchange – expands upon an existing relationship between Jeollanam-do and Howard County. Jeollanam-do is the home province of Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan, who was present for the signing.

“It’s an honor to recognize the special relationship between Maryland and Jeollanam-do, the birthplace of First Lady Yumi Hogan,” said Secretary Wobensmith. “Our cultures have a great deal to offer one another, and we are excited to make our continued partnership official.”

The First Lady and Secretary Wobensmith are in South Korea as part of a trade and diplomatic mission being led by his office and the Maryland Department of Commerce. The mission follows Governor Hogan’s 2015 trade mission to Asia, which included visits to Korea, Japan, and China.

“I am proud to be the first Korean American First Lady in the United States, and have been delighted to promote the Korean culture in that role over the past two and a half years,” said the First Lady. “Through this meaningful ceremony, I hope our two regions can continue their many beneficial exchanges, and cooperate to build a strong sister-state relationship.”

The signing included remarks from Secretary Wobensmith, the First Lady, and Kim Kab-sub, the acting governor of Jeollanam-do. Afterward, members of the Maryland delegation planted a tree to symbolize the renewed friendship between the people of South Korea and the people of Maryland.

Located in the southwestern region of South Korea, Jeollanam-do is one of the country’s greenest provinces, known for its rolling hills and more than 3,500 miles of coastline

State of Missouri receives donation of PPE from Republic of Korea to aid in COVID-19 response

July 7, 2020

Missouri received a shipment of 60,000 nitrile and latex gloves from its sister state of Jeollanamdo Province, Republic of Korea in June to assist in the response to COVID-19.

“Missouri sincerely appreciates this donation of PPE from Governor Kim and the citizens of Jeollanamdo Province,” Governor Mike Parson said. “Their generosity highlights the value of Missouri’s international relationships and will help our health care providers, care facilities, and many others across the state as we continue to build up our PPE supply. It gives me great hope to know that Jeollanamdo stands with Missouri in our efforts to overcome and recover from COVID-19.”

Missouri and the Republic of Korea’s Jeollanamdo Province have worked as sister states since 1986. The Republic of Korea is among Missouri’s top trade partners and received $428 million in Missouri exports in 2019.

The shipment, received by SEMA, will be utilized to help meet PPE needs in the state. To request PPE, hospitals should visit or access Missouri’s PPE Marketplace at

For more information on the statewide response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

Oregon, United States

  • Capital: Salem
  • Date of establishing the sisterhood relationship: October 16, 1996
  • Address: 254 State Capital Salem, Oregon 97301, USA
  • Website :
  • Location: Adjacent to Washington in the north, Idaho in the east, Nevada and California in the south, and the Pacific in the west
  • Major Cities: Portland, Eugine, Gresham, Hillsboro
  • Population & Area: 3,420,000 & 255,000㎢ (2.5 times of South Korea and 21 times of JeollaNamdo)
  • Cities and Counties: 400 cities and 37 counties
  • Annual Budget: $41,962,000,000
  • Regional Assembly: 30 senators / 60 representative

Arizona, the United States

  • Capital City: Phoenix
  • Sister City Relationship: September 29, 2010
  • Address: 100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 440, Phoenix, AZ – 85007
  • Website :
  • Location: Southwest (State of Utah), East (State of New Mexico), West (States of Nevada and California), South (Mexico)
  • Big Cities: Portland, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro
  • Population & Size: 6.5 million / 295,000㎢ (2.9 times of Korea and 24 times of Jeollanam-do)
  • Local Governments: 15 Counties
  • State Council: 30 senators and 60 congressmen
  • Climate: Average temperature in September (30℃), highest temperature 30℃ and lowest temperature 22℃, precipitation 18㎜