Mokpo is a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, located at the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula, close to Yudal mountain. Mokpo has frequent high-speed train services to Seoul, and is the terminus for a number of ferry routes serving islands in the adjacent Yellow Sea and Dadohae National Maritime Park.

Address: 240, Haeyangdaehak-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do TEL: 061-244-2600 Website:
Mokpo Marine Cable Car offers visitors an amazing view of the old downtown of Mokpo, and the surrounding natural scenery, including Yudalsan Mountain and the southern sea. Crossing a length of 3.23 kilometers at a x_height of 155 meters, it is the longest and highest cable car in Korea, and was established to become the main attraction that represents Mokpo's cultural tourism.
Address: 105, Namnong-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do TEL: 061-273-0536 Website:
Gatbawi Rock, the tourist treasure of Mokpo with beautiful sunset reflected onto the sea Gatbawi Rock, Natural Monument No. 500, looks like two standing people with a bamboo hat. It welded tuff was made as volcanic ash was hardened about 80 million years ago. As if sculpture by nature without any artificial elements, Gatbawi Rock is the unique and beautiful learning site because of its rarity which can’t be found in other regions. Pedestrian Sea Bridge with a beautiful nightscape and a romantic mood We had to get on a ship to see Gatbawi Rock in the past. Now, a pedestrian bridge was built on the sea to enable us to see Gatbawi Rock without taking a ship and to appreciate the nightscape as we walk on the bridge. The pedestrian bridge floating on the sea is 298m long and 3.6-4.6m wide. It goes up by about 1m at high tide and goes down at low tide. The bridge includes a 118m-long wooden bridge, a 40m-long gangway, a 140m-long floating pier and rails, and the nightscape lighting along the pedestrian bridge create a romantic mode. Enjoy the beautiful nightscape. Gatbawi Rock Pedestrian Sea Bridge: 05:00-23:00 during winter season 05:00-24:00 during summer season (closed in case of poor weather including typhoons, torrential rains, heavy rains and thick fog)
Address: 641-21, Goha-daero, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do
At the Mokpo Marine & Fisheries Complex located in the North Port, live fish caught from nearby waters such as Mokpo are auctioned every day. And, tourists can buy and eat fresh fish at a nearby direct sales center.
Address: 59 Maritime Daehak-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do TEL: 061-270-8598 Website:
Mokpo Skywalk is located near the coast of Yudal Amusement Park in Daeban-dong. This place is 54m in length and 15m in height, and you can experience the feeling of walking on the sea from 15m in the sky, and it is a good spot for taking photos with Mokpo Bridge and Gohado in the background.